Kids & Parents

Challenges faced by the Kids:

Class 1-5, Basic English Communication, Difficult Word Meaning, Understanding of the Words, Memory Power, Formation of Sentences, Values & Ethics, Social Behavior, etc.

Class: 6-8, Fluency in English communication Skills, Shyness, Developing Introvert Nature, Lack of Creative Thinking, Unable to handle stress, Less attention from parents, Busy in Gadgets, Lack of Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Social Behavior, etc.

Class: 9-12, Lack of Focus & Concentration Power, Behavioral Problems, Parents & Peer Pressure for Marks, Fear of Failure, Stubbornness, Memory Problem, Public Speaking & Self Confidence, Self Identity Crisis, Over Confidence, Misunderstanding, etc.

Parents: Problem in Parents & Teachers Meetings, Social Gatherings, Matching New Age Kids & Their Friends Communication Skills, Reflection of Parents Shortcomings on their Kids Personality.


By understanding the need of the hour to develop “Future Professional Skills” among the Kids, our Trainers take care of each individual by training them (One on One) 1:1 attention along with Group Classes for developing Social behavior along with the Group Discussion Skills.

Courses for Kids:

  1. English Communication Skills & Personality Development for Class 1st & 2nd Students – 12 months ( Weekdays Classes)
  2. Future Professional & Life Skills for Class 6th to 8th Students – 12 months ( Weekdays Classes)
  3. Future Professional & Life Skills Advance Level for 9th to 12th Students – 12 months ( Weekdays Classes).
  4. English Communication Skills for Parents One on One (1:1) classes – 12 Months ( weekdays Classes).
  5.  Career Counseling after 12th, for future Job Scope – 1 Day